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From the first serve, to the final spike – PowerPlay has got you covered for all things Volleyball Betting in Canada.

From smaller tournaments, to much larger global championships, we cover all Volleyball games, allowing you to get the absolute most out of each and every volleyball bet.

Volleyball originated in the late 19th century, and has since seen a sharp rise in popularity. It’s easy to understand rules make it appealing for people of all ages to try.

Right here at Powerplay, you can enjoy a wide range of volleyball betting markets & odds. Live Volleyball games are shown at the top of the page, allowing you to view live odds & game results. Our live volleyball odds are updated instantly, meaning you can quickly adapt your bets to any change in the game!

Volleyball Betting Odds

Much like the game itself, Volleyball Betting Odds are easy to get to grips with quickly. This makes volleyball betting appealing for people who are not used to betting online, looking to give it a go.

PowerPlay makes it as easy as possible to find the exact type of volleyball betting odds that you’re looking for!

Our volleyball odds are updated constantly, meaning that when you bet on volleyball with PowerPlay, you can be assured that you’re always getting the very latest and up to date odds available. From the champions cup, to the volleyball world champions, the team at PowerPlay will bring you the most up to date odds no matter what.

Want to bet on a volleyball game before it’s begun? At PowerPlay, all volleyball odds are available pre-game allowing you to do just that! Pre-game betting odds means you can place your volleyball bet whenever you want and wherever you are!

Even better, our in-play betting odds allow you to change your bet while the action is taking place! Volleyball is a very exciting, fast paced game. This means that the tide of a game can change at any time, making our in-play bets especially helpful!

With so many betting odds to choose from, we understand that deciding what betting line to choose can be tough. At PowerPlay, our volleyball betting tips are just what you need. A quick glance at the betting tips for each match will give you a great idea of which team is favourite to win.

As volleyball is so fast paced however, the circumstances of a game can chance very quickly. Although online volleyball betting tips are helpful, sometimes the best method is to do your research. Before placing a volleyball bet, have a look at the previous form of teams that are playing, and base your decision on who’s hot and who’s not.

Volleyball Rules

Like many other sports, Volleyball involves opponents separated on each side of a net. The objective of the game is very simple. Teams try to send the ball over the net with the objective of grounding it on the opponents court. Each team has a total of 3 hits that they can use in order to return the ball to the opposing team’s side.

When a rally is won by a team, they win a point, as well as the next serve. Additionally, the players on the point winning team rotate clockwise one position. Both power & height are big factors when it comes to the quality of a volleyball player. However the coaches of each team are equally as important as they must come up with unique strategies & tactics to throw the opposing team.

Volleyball teams are made up of 6 players. Each player must rotate one position clockwise once their team scores. Another important factor is that it is only the 3 players closest to the net that can make a spike towards the opponents floor. Each team’s backcourt players can only make a spike attempt if they jump from behind the attack line. This line is what separates the front and back of each court.

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