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Looking to bet on Tennis? This exciting, fast-paced sport is followed avidly across the globe and it’s particularly popular in both Canada and the US. We have live tennis betting odds across multiple competitions including ATP Barcelona, ATP Munich, WTA Stuttgart, ATP Bucharest, Challenger Oeiras 3, ITF Men & Women's tournaments, Wimbledon and many more.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Tennis Betting Tips & Odds in Canada, odds & tips in Canada, with a 100% Bonus for new players.

Bet on upcoming tennis matches at PowerPlay, and get excellent betting tips across many tennis majors & tournaments - including grand slams like Wimbledon, the French Open & the US Open. Create your custom bet slip now by selecting an option above.

Look how many upcoming matches there are to bet on tennis at PowerPlay. We are proud to showcase the key worldwide matches that you don’t want to miss out on.

With everything going on right now, you can enjoy the thrill of tennis betting from the comfort and safety of your own house. If you’re not ready for in-person events yet, enjoy wagering on tennis using our helpful betting tips here at PowerPlay Canada.

PowerPlay is committed to offering a superb user experience whilst you visit our site and indulge in the tennis betting games that we have to offer. We want you to get the most out of your time here, and we help you do so through our tennis predictions and tennis betting tips, helping newcomers and longtime fans alike bet smart and win big.

Tennis as a sport rightly enjoys a long history of passionate and loyal fans. PowerPlay helps those who are new to the world of online tennis betting get their head in the game and follow matches closely using our tips along the way. This lets you immerse in the exhilarance of each match and follow your favourite players as they move through the rankings.

With players like Emma Raducanu dazzling on the world stage, there’s never been a more exciting time to get stuck into the world of tennis and use betting tips to your advantage. We’re here to give you some amazing tennis betting offers to get you started. Find out more below.


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- As well as our Sports offer, there’s an additional one for tennis fans out there.

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Unlike other sports betting, tennis offers so many different nuanced betting opportunities. You can dive into the specifics and stay in the loop with the tennis predictions of the day. Whether it be for individual points, matches, or games, tennis betting is a fantastic way to get into the nitty gritty of the sport and be kept on your toes - just like the players are themselves.

Challenge yourself to make niche bets and win big. Sign up today and we’ll keep you informed with seasonal promotions and offers that’ll help you bet on tennis with confidence, all year round.


When it comes to tennis betting, we know there are some pretty common burning questions. We thought we’d do some explainers for you.


There are a whole host of websites online for you to bet legally on tennis if you’re located in Canada.

- To pick which one to go with, it’s best to consider different points - if the site has a smooth, seamless user experience; a secure sign up and payment function; and has competitive betting odds, offers and tips.

- PowerPlay is proud that our existing users would vouch for us covering all these key factors. Sign up today and find out for yourself.


- Tennis is actually really good for betting.

- For one thing, compared to other sports like boxing, tennis is pretty much a 50/50 bet, whereas in boxing, there’s a three way chance of the match resulting in a draw at 33%.

- This makes it uniquely good for bettors. In addition, there are so many niche opportunities in tennis to place bets on. Keep reading and we’ll explain the different types.


Types of tennis bets you can make -


- Depending on where you stay, you might have heard of fans putting down a ‘Win’ or ‘Moneyline’ bet. These basically mean the same thing but are used synonymously.

- This type is pretty self-explanatory - you put money on your betslip against who you think will win a particular match.

- In Canada, this is highly popular and is a great way to start off your betting experience based on current tips.


- Similarly to the previous type, this is referred to in different ways depending on where you are situated. They still mean the same thing when it comes to you betting.

- A sportsbook like PowerPlay will set a total figure that is often linked directly to the predicted total number of points that will be won in a given match. As a bettor, your decision lies with whether you think the final score will sit below or above this total and hence, place a bet on your decision.


- These are also highly popular types of bets across the world and in Canada.

- Similar to the previous type, it all starts again with the sportsbook’s ‘Total’ number of points that they set. This is decided by how many points they believe the winner of the match will score.

- From here, you have to use the best betting tips available and your knowledge of the sport and players to decide whether you think they have set this total too high or low to the eventual reality of the match.


- These types of bets are done weeks or months before a future match or tournament.

- If you are keen to look ahead to major tennis events on the horizon, these types of bets are great for you. For events like Wimbledon, the French and the US Open, you can wager against the specific player you think will reign on top at the end of the entire tournament.


- These types of props bets are excellent if you are more knowledgeable and experienced in tennis betting. This takes your knowledge of the sport to the next level and lets you dig into the specifics of the matches and tournaments

- You can make one of these special bets on basically anything that you are keen to put money on. This applies to betting on individual matches, like who will win the first round, for example.


- These types of bets are popular amongst more experienced, confident bettors in Canada who are willing to put money on a string of specific wins.

- In tennis, for example, you could place one wager betting on a certain player winning for X amount of rounds in a tournament. To win, you would have to be correct all the way down the wager.


- These types of bets bring in an additional level of complexity to the type of bet we discussed above.

- They are similar in nature to the previous one as it lets you pick a series of bets in the one single wager, but, for teasers and pleasers, you have to have a lot more skill to let you confidently use the points spread to move around and help you win.


Between two players in a match, let’s call them A and B, if you bet on player A with +1.5 handicap, you will win if this player comes out on top for either 1 or 2 sets in a given match.

- In this case, you would lose if player B was to win with a straight set.


- When you’re betting on tennis, the main focus is on specific players. Therefore, when you’re deciding on which types of bets to place, and what your strategy is, there are certain points that you can focus on to give you the best chance of making accurate bets.

- One really crucial thing to focus on is what hand they use for playing. Largely, there are a lot of players who are right-handed that will struggle against left handed opponents, but compete more effectively against other right-handed players.

- Another key factor to look at is the type of court that the players are competing on. If you read into specific players’ preferences, they will have historical success or perhaps more difficulty on certain types of surfaces - out of the following types: grass, hard court, clay, or carpet. Do some research on this.

- As a first-timer or novice at tennis betting, a great tip is to start off with large scale events like the Grandslams which all have specific types of surfaces that will potentially affect players’ performance.

- Here are some helpful examples: The French Open has clay courts; the US and Australian Open both have hard surface courts; and Wimbledon matches are played on grass courts.


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