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The FIFA World Cup is the biggest football tournament in the entire world, and Qatar will host the 2022 edition. It will be the first time that the FIFA World Cup has been held in a Middle Eastern country, and it promises to be a truly spectacular and jaw dropping sporting event. Football fans from all over the globe will descend on Qatar to watch the action, and there will be plenty of betting opportunities for those who want to add a bit of excitement to the games. The tournament will feature 32 teams from all over the world, split into eight groups of four. The world cup 2022 group stage will be played in Qatar's capital, Doha, with the knockout stage taking place in various stadiums around the country. 8 football stadiums have been developed purely for the tournament, with 7 built from the ground up and one being reconstructed. With so much at stake, the 2022 FIFA World Cup is sure to be a thrilling event from start to finish, and with PowerPlay’s World Cup special there’s a 100% sports bonus on all soccer deposits!

And for fans of betting and the thrills that come with the enjoyable hobby, why not bet on the groups. In the FIFA World Cup, the 32 competing teams are split into eight groups each of which are made up of 4 teams. Ranging from Group A to H, each team will play against the teams it is grouped up with, and the two best performing teams from each group will proceed to the next round of 16 teams. After that round is the quarter-finals where 8 teams compete for a position in the semi-finals where 4 teams battle to become 2, ending in a breathtaking finale showdown on the 18th December 2022. With 64 total football matches expected to be played, there’s plenty of opportunities for bettors to place bets on their nation’s team and many more thrilling group stage matches which will run till 2nd December.

Here at PowerPlay, we’re all about providing our players with the best betting tips, odds, and news possible. And if soccer isn’t your thing then fear not, as we have a vast array of sports and sporting events to bet on from tennis, MMA, cricket, ice hockey and so much more. Beyond sport we also provide an online casino for the players who like to get involved in the high stakes betting action with slots, poker, blackjack and roulette, plus the addition of a live casino! So what are you waiting for? The 2022 FIFA World Cup is happening right now! For the best betting tips and odds on all things soccer and more, you’re already in the right place here at PowerPlay. Group bets are currently running so get in on the action today and who knows, maybe you’ll be winning big! Deposit now and get a 100% sport bonus on soccer with the World Cup special.

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