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Ice Hockey Betting Online at PowerPlay.


PowerPlay is proud to offer ice hockey betting in Canada. Ice Hockey is a beloved sport in Canada with an enormous fan base across the whole country. We offer betting odds and tips for all the biggest ice hockey leagues, including the latest NHL betting odds alongside hockey leagues in Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland to name a few.

Whether you’re a loyal fan of hockey and have been following the sport for years, or are new to the game and looking to get into hockey for the first time, PowerPlay is for everyone and is where you should be. Our ice hockey betting options give patrons and newcomers alike the chance to take advantage of our betting tips that’ll give you insights to bet smart and win big.

At PowerPlay, we strive to be one of the best ice hockey betting sites in Canada, offering exciting promotions and offers for our loyal bettors who sign up and become members. The National Hockey League is still active as ever despite all that’s going on, letting you get in on the action in the safety and comfort of your home and use your betting offer to boost your chances of success.

Betting on hockey at PowerPlay is made simple and we constantly make improvements to our platform to ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable. Delve into the range of exclusive betting offers and promotions.

At PowerPlay you'll find up to date info on the latest NHL games and you'll also receive a sign up bonus just for becoming a member. sign up and start betting today.

Sports betting at PowerPlay is a great way to escape all the uncertainty going on right now and have peace of mind that one thing is certain - you can enjoy the sports you love whilst making money through your knowledge of the game. To bet on hockey online is to set yourself up for a thrilling time ahead.

From the comfort of your home, you can delve into upcoming ice hockey games and tune out the rest of the world whilst you follow your team closely across your screen and cheer them on with pride.

We love how dedicated our users are to their favourite sports, and hockey is no exception - PowerPlay sets out to provide a slick user experience that creates a smooth and easy hockey betting experience that lets you focus on the important bit: watching and focusing on the match playing out.

Take advantage of our NHL betting tips and betting predictions and customise your bet slip to whatever you’ve got your eye on. If you follow the quick sign up process (in the top right hand corner), you can bet on hockey through PowerPlay with the confidence of knowing we’re behind you all the way.


Sports betting is a perfect time for socialisation - even whilst we’re stuck inside right now. Bring your friends in on the action and get them to sign up too. PowerPlay gives you a 100% match on your bet amount of up to $500 per friend that you invite to join us. Why miss out?

Whether you’re betting on the same team, or want a bit of competition with your friends, hockey betting odds are there to be used and strategized around regardless of who you’re out to support. Join us now and you can browse our NHL betting picks and other exciting offers.

In addition, we’re excited to fill you in on where the NHL fits into our current 10% parlay bonus. If you bet up to $100 pre-match on NHL, plus a minimum of 4 other sports together - out of MLB, NBA, NFL, and MLS - you can get an extra 10% on top of your winnings for the five. A rollover isn’t attached to it because it’s credited to you in cash, not as a bonus.


Can you bet on Ice Hockey in Canada?

Yes. You absolutely can bet on ice hockey in Canada. In fact, the National Hockey League (NHL) is pretty much one of the most popular to bet on across the nation.

How can I bet on NHL games in Canada?

- There are a whole host of different betting platforms that allow you to access top quality markets and highly competitive odds.

- So, if you’re looking for where you can bet on hockey in Canada, and NHL games specifically, you can do so as a member of one of these legitimate sites.

- PowerPlay is committed to offering some of the most competitive odds out there for NHL games in Canada - all you have to do is sign up and join our community.

- As a betting site, PowerPlay is renowned for a smooth, secure user experience that we are always striving to improve.

What does point spread mean in hockey?

- This is also referred to as ‘the spread’ or ‘the line’ for other popular sports depending on who you speak to.

- But, in the world of hockey betting, the point spread is known as ‘the puck line’. Basically, the favoured team is handicapped using this point spread as a margin.

- However many goals that the favoured team is expected to win by, this is what is reflected in the point spread value.

- You can also go for the underdog, which means going against the point spread. In this instance, you can still win your wager, but also place a bet on the game’s losing team.

- The expected losers are identified as (+) and the favourites to win are (-).


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