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By nature, the sport is unpredictable, taking turns in unexpected directions, making it all the more thrilling to bet on.

Why bet on Golf?

With things starting to go back to some new kind of normal, golf tournaments are back on - and we’re just as excited as you are!

For avid golf fans that are clued into the sport, if you’re not already aware, golf betting is a really great way to use your knowledge and earn some returns. On the whole, if you’re looking to bet on golf in Canada, the sport is one of the few that has great odds across the board - even on favourites.

As you’ll know from hours closely watching it, golf is really gradual in its essence, and this makes in-play betting a fantastic option as well. Betting on golf isn’t restricted solely to the outright winner of a specific tournament, but has a massive range of betting markets branching out across different Championships.

If you’ve done your due diligence on the players out there right now and how they’re performing along the way, you’ll be set up nicely for betting at PowerPlay Canada, informed and ready to wager.

What are the types of golf bets?

If you’re wondering what options are on the table for golf betting in Canada, we’ll explain all here.


- If you’ve got your sights set on a major championship event coming up in Canada or further afield in the US, you can place your bet on your hoped winner weeks and months beforehand.


- Do you have an idea of who you think will win? This is the simplest bet to put down and is widely the go-to choice for fans to bet on golf in Canada. With confidence behind your pick, put your money on who you think will come out on top.


- What’s a match bet? This is similar to a ‘betting line’ where you’ve got two golf players in focus and you need to make your bet on who’ll come out victorious. This type of bet can either be placed on an entire tournament or on individual rounds focusing on a group of 3.


- If you don’t fancy a match bet, you can also go down the route of placing an ‘each way’ one. This involves pinpointing where you think a specific golfer will end up ranking on a leaderboard in the top four spots and putting money on it.

- You’ll place your bet in two parts - the first being for a ‘win’ and the second the ‘place’ the player is in. If your pick made it to the top 4, you’re in for making some money.


- This one is just as it sounds - you’re deciding who you’ll think takes the lead in the initial round - normally out of four rounds - in a tournament.


- This type is the choice for you if you enjoy a bit of in play action. Once the tournament’s started, you’ll see a frontrunner appear quickly, whether they’re anticipated or not. But, if you want to go against the grain and bet on their failure, then this type’s for you. Here you put a bet down on the idea that another player will cut through and beat the leader.

PowerPlay strives to offer golf fans the best possible experience from start to finish on our site. If you’re looking for some of the best golf betting in Canada, take advantage of our sign-up and weekly offers. We can’t wait for you to get involved!


Can you bet on golf in Canada?

Yes, you can legally bet on golf in Canada! In fact, it’s really popular here!

Where can you bet on golf?

- There’s loads of options out there for where you can bet on golf in 2021.

- But, if you’re searching around for the best betting site for golf in Canada, there are a few things to consider.

- It’s essential that you pick a site that is reliable and trusted at making sure your experience is safe and secure, especially when it comes to payment options and data handling.

- The best golf betting sites are those that offer a smooth, seamless experience, and have competitive odds and offers. We’re proud to say, at PowerPlay, our community can vouch for our excellence in all these areas.

How can I bet on the Masters in Canada?

It’s simple - all you have to do is sign up to an account on a site that offers betting on the Masters (like here at PowerPlay), deposit money into your account, then you can bet till your heart’s content!

How does golf betting work?

- Golf is a fantastic sport to bet on because of the variety of different betting options.

- Golf betting works by picking which type of bet you want to place out of: tournament winners; ‘To win’ bets; Match bets; ‘Each Way’ bets; ‘First Round Leader’ bets; or ‘Versus the Field’.

- You can even do some live betting on golf, which is a really popular option.

- Once you pick one or a combination to put down, you can customise your bet slip using your account and put your knowledge of the sport to good use.

- For a breakdown of all of these types of bets, read our section just above where we explain all.

We hope this has answered some of your burning questions on the topic of golf tournament betting. If you have any other queries, get in touch with the PowerPlay team!


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