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Cricket Betting Canada

PowerPlay is proud to offer competitive cricket betting odds in Canada. A beloved sport to all its fans worldwide, Cricket offers a mix of slow and fast paced sporting action. We offer betting odds and tips on all the latest Cricket matches in all the biggest leagues including both national and international matches. Additionally, we offer a sign up bonus for new members, so you can join today and start creating your custom betting slip! At PowerPlay, we are constantly looking for ways to provide the best cricket betting experience in Canada on our website. As we said, regardless of whether you want to enjoy cricket matches on a national scale in Canada, or those being played in locations across the globe, we make sure we cover the latest big league matches for everyone’s cricket betting desires. As a platform, our betting tips and odds can be enjoyed by our users to help you gain some key insights into matches and help your chances of success. Cricket’s increasing popularity across the planet is an exciting prospect for avid followers of the sport in Canada - when the world makes it back to a new sense of normality in the coming months, more frequent cricket tournaments will give Canadians the chance to place wagers and win big on our betting site. Whether you’re following matches between leagues or states within your own nation, or country versus country, cricket betting on PowerPlay is the best choice, where you can tailor your betting slip to your exact needs. We strive to be one of the best cricket betting sites in Canada - sign up today and become a PowerPlay regular. View our Cricket betting odds below.


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