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Looking for a free bet bonus for online sports betting? First Time Depositors to PowerPlay will get up to $100 in Free bets. The free bets will be issued as matched bets of up to $50 on the first two bets placed by the customer. Bets must be on odds of over 3.0/+200. Claiming this great offer is easy - make your first deposit and then make sure your first two bets are on odds of over 3.0/+200. You will then be credited with two free bets to the same value of your first two bets! For example, place two single bets on odds of over 3.0/+200 each for $50 and we will give you two free $50 bets to bet on anything you like. ...More ...Less

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Here you’ll find a wide range of reliable and detailed online sportsbook reviews at PowerPlay.


Our reviews will help provide you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision for placing a bet, to maximise your chance of a return. PowerPlay is a reliable way to access reviews for online sports betting in Canada, and worldwide. Our Online Sportsbook Reviews will set you up today to get the most out your betting experience, including great Top Betting Offers You can bet 24/7 all year round on our virtual games too! Through reading our glowing reviews, you can bet with more confidence in our services and take advantage of our esports betting offers. As one of the best online sports betting sites in Canada, we offer an exciting Welcome Bonus offer that you must take advantage of! By reading our PowerPlay sportsbook reviews, you can make sure to bet smart with us and increase your chance of making big wins. As a first-time better with PowerPlay, you can receive an 100% welcome bonus on us. This can get you up to $500 free in one of the best sports betting offers out there. Sound good? We think so.

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Simply sign up and make a bet today across our upcoming sports events in the sportsbook reviews and you can receive this bonus offer of 100% on your deposit – that’s up to $500! Bet smart today with PowerPlay where betting welcome offers are on us. We also offer other great Deposit Bonuses. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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“The customer support is a big reason I keep coming back. They're easy to deal with, they know their stuff, and it's never a hassle to hit up live chat. Some places are unbearably bad and the thought of asking them anything is something to cringe at.”

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Torpedo BelAZ U21 v Belschina Bokruisk