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PowerPlay Casino is proud to offer a multitude of bonuses, offers and betting promotions that can enhance your experience. We offer free casino spins every Tuesday, as well as up to $300 of free bets. We also offer a $100 first depositor free bet as well second and third deposit bonuses. For specific sports offers and promos check out our exclusive bonuses section. These offers make it feel even better to be a winner when you play with us. Powerplay, through our ongoing commitment to offering an excellent user experience, aims to be one of the best Canadian sports betting sites for you to visit and indulge in. We carefully select and include online betting games that we know you will love. To boost your chances of success, and give you the best time while you’re on our site, we offer online betting promotions that our users can take full advantage of and bet smart. Above, you can browse and learn more about the sign up bonus that our loyal users can enjoy while you immerse yourself in Powerplay’s online sports betting and casino games. Our sign up process is smooth and easy to let you get to the fun part quicker. Once you’ve made an account, we let you get on with your online betting with $100 free bets as a welcome gesture. You can read more about the different bonuses and offers above, which vary across the site and across games, with certain promotions exclusive to our brand. Again, we do everything with you in mind and set out to constantly develop our platform to help you get the best betting experience you can. On this note, we love hearing from you and always appreciate feedback on how you feel we can improve the site. Sign up today at PowerPlay.


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