World Cup 2022 Final Betting Odds

The World Cup Final – Bet On Your Favourite Team To Win

The 64 games that make up the 2022 World Cup are spread out across 29 days. There will be four distinct rounds across each game. Finally, we will witness the championship match, maybe the most thrilling and eagerly awaited football match in the history of the sport.

The following is a short rundown of all of the four rounds that will take place during the 2022 World Cup, in case you're unclear about how it works. You can also find a brief overview of some of the favourite teams to win.

Who Do Can We Expect To See In the 2022 World Cup Final?

The victors of the two semi-final games will compete in the final. Since they have already qualified for the quarterfinals, France is expecting to repeat their victory from the last world cup encounter. Fans also expect other teams, including Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, and perhaps even England, to advance to the final.

France, the Netherlands, and Argentina all have secured spots in the quarterfinal, advancing each of these countries ahead of the others who are still left in the round of 16. Let’s have a look at some of our potential finalists.

Argentina - Argentina, led by Lionel Scaloni, is the sole squad that has recently been able to defeat a Brazilian national squad. They made history by capturing the coveted cup in their own stadium by defeating the Selecao during the Copa World Cup 2021 final. With the line-up they presently have, Argentina likely has their best chance ever to win the championship for the third time in Argentina's history. The present Argentina team is perhaps the finest they have had in nearly a decade.

England - In the last several tournaments in which England has competed, they were cruelly denied triumph in the closing rounds. Despite putting on a stunning effort throughout the entire competition, they ended up losing to Croatia back in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Semi-final as well as to Italy also back in the Euro 2020 Final. They do however possess the power and synergy needed to contend for the trophy in the 2022 World Cup.

Brazil - The very first nation to make the cut for said FIFA World Cup 2022 were Brazil (after of course the hosts Qatar). They are unquestionably associated with the game of football and thus are famed for having won the most World Cup titles in existence. Brazil's national team is considered one of the most talented in the world, especially given their present form, Brazil are going to be serious contender at the next 2022 World Cup.

Spain - By terms of median age, this Spanish national team will likely be the youngest throughout the competition. They achieved unfathomable breakthroughs under the direction of its newly recruited management Luis Enrique, which seem to be clearly evident in their latest results in major competitions, such as the Nations League as well as Euro 2020. They suffered penalty defeats to Italy back in the Euro 2020 semi-final and also to France back in the Nations League championship. However, the team is looking incredibly strong as a 2022 World Cup finalist team.

France - The chances of France, the reigning world champions, to make it to the finals are 11/2. It appears extremely probable that France will participate in the world cup finals given how they have played thus far. France advanced to the round of 16 with victories against Australia (4-1) and Denmark (2-1), and then they have already defeated Poland (3-1) to advance to the quarterfinals. So a final for France is looking very likely.

How Does The 2022 World Cup Work?

The Round of 16 comes first. The World Cup participants were split into categories of four and assigned to divisions A through H. The groups will next compete against one another to decide what two groups from each group advance. A group champion and runner-up will both advance to the round of 16, along with the group winner.

Since it represents practically sudden death with all squads who have been competent and fortunate enough to advance, the round of 16 is also referred to as the elimination round. During the round of 16, there are just winners and losers; rankings are not dependent on points.

After the round of 16, 8 teams will advance to the quarterfinals. Three teams have already secured their quarter final spots. They are Argentina, Netherlands and France. There are five more teams yet to secure their place in the quarter finals. From here, the 4 winning teams will advance to the semi-finals. Four teams will play with the two winning teams moving into the final. The two runner up teams will then play for third place before the final game will be played.

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All nations involved will be giving it their all, with their sights firmly fixed on soccer's greatest prize. But there are teams to pay particular attention to, just as in every World Cup. Brazil and France have a history of winning the world cup 5 times for Brazil and twice for France, giving them good chances going into the competition.

England, Spain and Germany are the contenders for the European crown. England nearly missed winning the 2021 Euros. Everybody was a little taken aback when their old rivals, Italy, failed to make the world cup this year around.

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