Super bowl LV Favourites

Super Bowl LV goes down on Sunday, February 7, 2021. The football event all NFL fans have waited for all season will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. This year’s Super Bowl will feature either the Buffalo Bills or Kansas City Chiefs representing the AFC, and either the Green Bay Packers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers representing the NFC. Currently, the Chiefs and Packers are favoured to be in the Super Bowl with the same 3.00 odds available on PowerPlay. The AFC championship match winner — either the Bills or Chiefs — is the favourite to win the Super Bowl at 1.75 odds compared to the 3.00 for the NFC to claim the title. However, since the Chiefs are the AFC team favourited to also win the Super Bowl, you can get the best return on this squad. Favourited to win Super Bowl 2021 MVP is Aaron Rodgers at 4.00 odds. Rodgers is the Packers starting quarterback who has passed 4,299 yards and leads the league in touchdowns and interceptions at 48 and 5 respectively. This is Rodgers’ 16th season with the Packers. You can also get 4.00 odds on Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Chiefs. Mahomes has racked up 4,740 passing yards for second in the league, and 38 touchdowns and six interceptions which places him at fourth and tied for fifth in those categories respectively. Though currently out injured, the Chiefs will be looking to get him back on the field ahead of Sunday’s game.

Match analysis

Super Bowl 2021 betting lines are available here. PowerPlay offers a 100% deposit bonus, meaning you will get double the amount you deposited. When you sign up with PowerPlay, you also get a $100 welcome bonus to put towards your sports bets. In what is gearing up to be a Chiefs vs. Packers Super Bowl 2021 showdown, you can get the best odds when you bet on one of these teams. You can also get the best odds when you bet on Super Bowl MVP potentials Rodgers, representing the Packers, and Mahomes, representing the Chiefs.

Odds & picks

Super Bowl LV betting odds and picks are also available here. As said before, the Chiefs and Packers are the favourites to be at the Super Bowl, and have equal odds at 3.00. A full prediction for the 2021 Super Bowl can be found here.

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After the AFC and NFC championship matches go down on Sunday, January 24, betting lines will become available for Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7. Super Bowl 2021 action will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET live from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.


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