Euro 2020 Betting Guide

It is challenging to get the hang of European Championship betting, especially if you are new to watching European football league sporting events. If you want to get in on the action and learn how to bet on Euro 2020 but don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. This Euro 2020 betting guide will teach you the basics of Euro 2020 betting and prepare you to start placing bets. For starters, the opening round is divided up into three phases of play, with matchdays one through three. Every team in the tournament will have a matchday one game, a matchday two game, and a matchday three game, but the exact dates on which a team plays will vary from squad to squad. You can bet on the winners of any of these opening round matches. Once the opening round wraps up, the top-performing teams will advance to the Round of 16. This round starts the elimination play where teams will only have one match per round, and the winner of each match progresses to the next stage of the tournament. Here, teams who have an off day could pay the ultimate price and be eliminated earlier than they are predicted to exit the tournament. It is also possible in this scenario that a weaker team could have a great day and advance further than anticipated. Elimination style play can make betting on the game outcomes more unpredictable, particularly in later rounds when the majority of the remaining teams are still those originally favored to win, but it also makes it more thrilling. You can also bet on more advanced aspects of the tournament such as the runners-up of any of the groups in addition to the winner, the stage at which a particular team will be eliminated, a team or teams who will qualify for the following round, and bet on a team to make the final. As a beginner, you should pay close attention to the odds listed for the opposing teams of a given match. Low odds mean higher probability and make low odds the safer ones to take. As you gain experience betting on Euro 2020, you can start to take more risks with higher odds and more advanced aspects of Euro 2020 betting as you feel more comfortable and learn more about the teams in the tournament. If there is a particular player whose performance you are heavily invested in, you can bet on their chances of being the top goal scorer of the entire tournament. You can also bet on a combination of the championship-winning team and their top goal scorer. As you can tell, there are many aspects of Euro 2020 to bet on, which means there are many opportunities for you to win some cash. Whatever odds you do decide to take, it is a good idea to make a note of them so that you can keep track of where your money is going to and coming from while you are making bets.

Match analysis

There are a few essential things you need to know about how to bet on Euro 2020, especially regarding the available odds. There are odds available for the winner of every match. The higher the odds, the lower the probability of that outcome happening. The numbers in boxes to the right of the game information are the odds. The odd on the left is for the first team listed, and the odd on the right is for their opponent. Take for example the Spain vs. Sweden matchup; you can get odds of 1.40 on Spain but odds for Sweden are 8.50, meaning Spain is far more likely to win this match. You will get 1.4 times your initial bet in return for taking Spain’s odds. For instance, if England has odds of winning at 1.72 and Croatia’s odds are 5.25, England is more likely to win the match, so the return you will get on your initial bet is lower. Some teams have a similar skill level, such as France and Germany. You can get 2.80 odds on France and 2.62 odds on Germany. This shows Germany is favored to win the match, but a win for France also is not unlikely. You can also bet on whether the match will end in a draw. These odds are listed in between the odds for each team in a match. You will notice these odds are typically higher than the odds given for the team most likely to win, which means it’s more likely that the better team will win, but less likely that the weaker team will win outright. These odds can be more unpredictable to go with but could bring in a higher return if it happens, so it ultimately comes down to how much of a risk you want to take.

Odds & picks

At the time of writing, the teams favored to win their groups are Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Spain, and France and Germany tied for the winner of their group. Italy’s odds of winning their group are 1.60. The odds of Belgium winning Group B are available at 1.66. Netherlands has odds of 1.36 of winning Group C. You can get 1.40 odds of England winning Group D as they are favored to win both their group and the championship title. Spain has 1.02 odds of winning Group E, making them the very likely victor of this particular group. France and Germany both currently have 2.37 odds of winning Group F. These teams who are most likely to emerge as the victors of their respective group are also among those most favored to win Euro 2020. Presently, England and France are equally preferred to win the championship title with odds of 6.00 available for both teams. Belgium is third most likely to win it all with 7.00 odds, while Spain is fourth with odds of 8.00. Although Germany and France are both predicted to win Group F, Germany is only the fifth most likely team to claim the title. The odds of Germany winning Euro 2020 are currently listed as 8.50. The odds available for the teams favored to go all the way may change throughout the tournament, especially in the event that one of these powerhouse teams has a rough match and gets eliminated. This would open the door to other teams who are ranked within the top 10 to move up and have a shot at getting into the quarter-finals, semi-finals, or even the finals.


The hands-down most straightforward aspect of Euro 2020 betting is to bet on the winner of a given match. This is especially easy to do when a strong team is competing against a weaker team. Betting in this manner makes it easy to follow the tournament along and change who put money on depending on how teams perform leading up to the match. You can also bet on an outright winner of the tournament, which you can do either right now or closer to the match date. Top scorers are another aspect of the tournament upon which you can bet. This can be done either on its own or paired with the player’s country winning the tournament. Staying up-to-date on the progress of the tournament and the teams involved is critical when it comes to making well-thought-out decisions regarding the outcomes of the matches or the top scorers you want to bet on. Though you may feel more sure of your decision of who to put money on closer to the date of a specific match, you can get better odds if you place your bet earlier, which is an important consideration to keep in mind. Lastly, if you have a favorite team, you must look at their chances of winning from a neutral point of view. Loyalty is great, but betting a large amount of money on your favorite team when it is a low seed and did not have a stellar regular season is not all that likely to give you a great return on your initial bet, if any. With the tips you have gained from this Euro 2020 betting guide, you are ready to begin making bets of your own and get in on the action of betting on Euro 2020.


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