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Casino jackpot games are not only available at land-based casinos they also form a big part of the offerings from online casinos. If you’re looking for online jackpot games in Canada register at and try out the PowerPlay casino. When it’s time to take a break from the crazy world outside, PowerPlay is waiting to welcome you with a wide choice of online jackpot games. Slots is where most people start when they’re new to the world of casino gaming and this is where you’ll get the opportunity to try for the really big jackpot prizes. You can stay with the safer, low stakes games or you can break out every so often and go for a big jackpot game. This is where the excitement starts to build as you get closer to the big prize. Give yourself all the time you need when you play on your mobile device or desktop from the safety and comfort of your own home. There’s no need to plan a long trip with all the expense and time that entails when you can play online jackpot games at the PowerPlay casino or bet in our online sportsbook – sign up today!

Variations of Game

When playing online jackpot games it would make sense to learn about the different types of jackpots on offer. Most slots games offer a fixed jackpot or cashpot which you can win without having to invest a large stake first. It’s a fixed amount or a multiple of your wager and is available again as soon as it’s been won so it’s possible to win more than one jackpot during your game. Most players prefer this type of jackpot as you stand a better chance of winning with a higher hit frequency and less fluctuations. A progressive jackpot accumulates or rolls over until someone gets lucky and wins the lot and then the jackpot starts to build up again. This is where the really big money can be won but the chances of scoring a progressive jackpot win are much smaller. Within the progressive jackpot offerings you might find several variations, such as standalone, in-house and wide area progressives. There’re also mystery jackpots and multiple jackpots so it’s worth reading up on the type of jackpot game you want to play. Play online jackpot games at the PowerPlay casino and discover games such as Mega Moolah, Wheel of Wishes, Fortunium Gold and Wolf Gold.

Basic Rules

Take time to study the basic rules for the game you’ve chosen when playing online jackpot games in Canada at the PowerPlay casino. Each game comes with its own set of rules but first thing to do is check out the pay-table. If for example you play a standalone progressive jackpot the pool of prize money will be generated by the players of that particular game. The pot will be smaller but the chances of a win will be greater. Wide area progressive jackpots and network jackpots cover all the same games being played across the internet and subsequently the prize money is huge, often running into millions. But check out the wager limits and the rules of that game before you get too excited, as sometimes you’ll find that a win on a free spin is not allowed or there’s a minimum bet required which may be out of your range. Whatever you do, set aside an affordable sum to play with and when that’s finished know when it’s time to stop for that day. Remember, slots pay lines are random number generated so playing jackpot slots is mostly about enjoying a lucky day.

About betting with PowerPlay

There are several reasons a player will choose to play a particular online jackpot game, including the size of the potential prize and the type of jackpot on offer. Do you have the means to wager big and go for a progressive jackpot or would you prefer better odds but a smaller jackpot in a fixed jackpot game? One thing is for sure though. Whatever game you choose you’ll be guaranteed an exciting casino experience with hours of fun when you play one of our online jackpot games at the PowerPlay casino.

Welcome Bonus with PowerPlay

The first thing to do when you register to play online jackpot games at the PowerPlay casino or bet in the online sportsbook is to claim your welcome bonus. This will add more to your stake money and help to extend your game play. You can also use it to try out a jackpot game first without worrying about losing your entire stake before you’ve had a chance to really get started. The next tip for playing online jackpot games is to have a clear idea of how much you can afford and then go for the type of game that suits your personality and style of play. Jackpot slots are games of chance so in effect the only strategic decision to be made is deciding when to cash out. Do your homework first, especially if you’re new to the concept of jackpot games, and try out a demo game or two first before deciding to play for real money. It’s no good losing your entire budget in the first few minutes and leaving the online casino feeling perhaps a little cheated out of the fun you were anticipating. Playing online jackpot games is all about enjoying the thrill of the casino experience in the comfort of your own home.

Live Casino

Sign up today to play online jackpot games at the PowerPlay casino in Canada and across the world, or bet in our online sportsbook for some exciting rewards and plenty of fun. You’ll find that all our jackpot games are fully compatible with a smart mobile device or a desktop. Our top quality, immersive games are sourced from major games designers and our platform is safe and secure for all players. You’ll be amazed at the jackpots waiting to be won when you’re ready for an exciting casino experience. You could be a lucky winner when you register at today.


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