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Anyone looking for online gambling slots in Canada should try out the online PowerPlay casino. There’s a generous welcome bonus waiting for you and a wide choice of over 300 slots to choose from. The range, from the simple classics to high volatility jackpot games, will suit first time players as well as the more experienced players who are looking for a challenge with a high payout reward. There’s a reason why online gambling slots top the list of most played online casino games across the world. You can play from the security of your own home 24/7, without having to invest in travel or other costs before you even get started. And you don’t have to spend hours of playing time so it’s a perfect choice if you feel like a quick game on the go using your mobile device. Playing online slots gives you the chance to take a break from life’s challenges and cash in some decent winnings. PowerPlay is the home of online casino in Canada and a firm favorite of anyone who’s played our online gambling slots. Sign up today and play online gambling slots at the PowerPlay casino or bet in our online sportsbook. Variations of game:

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There’s an impressive variety of online gambling slots in Canada to choose from when you play at the PowerPlay casino. There’s so much choice you’ll never get bored, with new games coming online all the time. Variations range from the high payout jackpot games like Mega Moolah or Fortunium Gold to low to medium volatility games such as Super Lion and Augustus. What’s more, our online gambling slots cater to all budgets. You don’t have to be a high roller to enjoy some fun playing slots at the PowerPlay casino and you don’t have to bust your budget to stay in the game. Compared to a land-based casino, online gaming slots give a higher RTP and a greater variety of free spins, wild reels and special bonuses in most games. Online slots are themed and often accompanied by atmospheric sound tracks that help to create an immersive quality and add an exciting storyline to your game. You’ll find the thrill of a real casino waiting for you at Or sign up today and start your bet slip in our online sportsbook, where you’ll be able to take your pick of top international games and tournaments to wager on.

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Basic rules for playing online gambling slots in Canada are no different to the rules that govern playing slots in a land-based casino. One of the reasons why slots is one of the most popular casino games around the world is because the rules are easy to master. It’s the perfect game for first time players and the more experienced players will find the high volatility jackpot games well worth their time. But even though online gambling slots is not as difficult to master as other casino games such as poker, baccarat and blackjack it would still be worth learning the basics before randomly clicking buttons in the hopes of a win. For that reason it would be advisable to do a little online research or play one or two free demo games to gain an understanding of the game before you start playing online gambling slots for real money. Once you’ve chosen your slots game you’ll find an easy to follow panel giving you bet choices and control options to activate free spins and special bonuses. Remember that playing slots is largely a game of chance but you can still control the choices you make on bonuses and when to cash out.

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There are many variations of online gambling slots on offer at the PowerPlay casino. Experienced players may choose a high volatility game that offers an enticing jackpot payout to aim for. Or you can go for low and medium volatility games that offer plenty of opportunities for smaller payouts during the course of your gameplay. One thing you can be sure of is that you will find many more variations of slot games to choose from when playing online than you would ever find in a traditional casino. If you’re looking for top online slots in Canada then is the place to be.


One of the most important factors to remember when playing online gambling slots is the number of paylines in the game you choose. The old classic game traditionally had one payline running horizontally across the screen. Now you can find games with multiple paylines configured in different directions and seemingly haphazardly, thanks to the limitless options available on the internet. These additional paylines will greatly increase your betting opportunities and the chances of landing several payouts even in a single round. If you play progressive slots make sure you bet enough to be eligible for the jackpot. There are endless varieties of themed slots at the PowerPlay casino so you can easily choose a game that suits your playing personality and budget. It’s worth taking time to check out the control panel and use the info button to get more information as well as setting up the number of paylines you want to make use of. Be sure to check out the exclusive bonuses and special offers at the PowerPlay casino in order to maximize your chance of winning. Or you can bet in our online sportsbook and take advantage of the bonus offers for sports bets.


Feel like some entertainment on the spur of the moment but not sure where to go? Sign up today at and start playing online gambling slots or bet in our online sportsbook. The PowerPlay casino has a great selection of slots from some of the top developers waiting to be discovered. We’re registered in Canada and many other countries across the globe and we guarantee you a safe and secure online gambling experience from the comfort of your own home. Register now and take a dive into the world of online gambling slots any time you feel ready for a bit of fun.


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