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Poker is one of the most popular card games that people enjoy playing around the world. In the last two decades access to playing poker on the internet has brought about a huge surge in popularity for the game. There are many advantages to playing online poker for cash as opposed to playing at a brick and mortar casino. These include a wider range of tables to choose from as the internet is not restrained by space, lower fees for joining a game and better payouts. Playing for real money is not a problem as there are many secure sites you can go to. If you’re looking to play online poker for cash in Canada there’s no better place to visit than the PowerPlay casino. Even though you’re playing from the comfort of your home, you can still enjoy the thrill of being at a traditional casino by joining a live poker game. Here you’ll get to interact with a live dealer and join other players at the table. This is online Canadian poker for cash at its best! By registering at you’ll automatically be able to make use of a generous welcome bonus so why not get started today? Or bet in our online sportsbook for a different gaming experience.

The PowerPlay casino offers a great range of video poker games to play for cash. Video poker is also a great way to practice your poker strategies before joining a live game. Go to the Support section if you need any help or questions answered. At PowerPlay we’re committed to bringing you the best online gaming experience where you can get the most out of your time with us. It’s important to choose a table and game that suits your playing personality. We have selected some of the best games for you to choose from including Holdem Poker, Jacks & Better Poker or Live Caribbean Stud Poker and Live Three Card Poker. While the stakes are lower than they would be in a traditional casino there are other ways that a player can profit from playing online. For example, the more experienced players sometimes play at more than one table at a time, something that would be impossible to do in a land-based casino. Players get to keep more of their winnings as costs such as travel, tips and expensive food and beverage don’t need to be factored in. If you bet in our online sportsbook you’ll find a range of the top international sporting events to choose from.

When you’re playing online poker for cash you should be prepared for a long session and some volatile swings of fortune. At first sight the rules of poker may seem challenging for a beginner but don’t let that put you off as the basic rules of the game are simple to learn and practice will soon have you playing like a pro. Remember, there’s a reason why poker is one of the most popular games to play online! Texas Holdem will teach you the basics of the game but each game has its own variants as far as rules go. There can be up to 10 players per table. The 2 players to the immediate left of the dealer place forced bets known as the Small Blind and the Big Blind, which determine the value of the betting for the game. Then each player is dealt 2 cards face down and the object of the game is to combine these 2 cards with the 5 cards known as the Board, which will eventually be laid out in front of the dealer, to make the best poker hand at a table. The game then proceeds with various betting rounds until a winner is left holding the best cards.

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The best way to find out which game suits you when playing online poker for cash in Canada is to register at Each poker game comes with slight variations in the rules and the style of play. You might start off with an easy game but the more experience you gain the more fun you’ll get out of playing. The PowerPlay casino offers players of all levels a chance to join in the thrill of one of the world’s most popular casino games. If you sign up today there are some great wins to be had when you bet in our online sportsbook too.

If you’re playing online poker for cash at don’t forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus to get you started. Look out for our exclusive bonuses and offers on Tuesdays and don’t forget to Refer a Friend for even more rewards. Take a look at the Offers section when you first register to make sure you don’t miss out on maximizing your gaming experience. Poker is a game of skill where practice will increase your chances of winning some great rewards so the more you play the better you get. For tips on how to play poker if you’re starting out, try a no-cash online poker game first to get the best out of your poker for cash game when you start playing at the PowerPlay casino. And don’t forget that free bets and other sport offers are also available when you bet in our online sportsbook. There’ a reason why is Canada’s favorite online gaming site.


Immerse yourself in the virtual casino experience when you play online poker for cash at the PowerPlay casino, or bet in our online sportsbook. Now more than ever we need a bit of distraction from the outside world and what better way to find that than signing up to and getting stuck into a great game of poker from the comfort of your own home. You can play from our specially selected list of poker games any time of the day or night. PowerPlay guarantees you a fun experience and peace of mind on our safe and secure site.


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