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Anyone looking to play online blackjack in Canada for real money should take a look at the PowerPlay casino, one of the favorite online casinos in Canada. When you need to take a break from what’s going on around you, PowerPlay is waiting to welcome you with a wide choice of classic and new table games. Blackjack has been one of the most popular casino games around for centuries, probably going back to the early 1700s in French casinos where it was called Vingt-et-Un. As soon as you register at you’ll be entering a world of fun and excitement, not to mention a chance to win some great payouts along the way. PowerPlay is a fully registered, secure and safe environment to play online blackjack with real money. PowerPlay is committed to responsible gaming while offering players hours of entertainment and fun. We offer a wide choice of blackjack games, including live dealer games to add an extra level of immersive fun. There are checks and balances in place to help you bet within an affordable budget, so no need to worry about breaking the bank. If you want a change from casino games you could also bet in our online sportsbook.

The PowerPlay casino offers the best in online blackjack games in Canada, where you can play and win with real money. The range of blackjack games on offer includes the latest variations such as European Blackjack Gold Series, Vegas Downtown and Hi-Lo Blackjack as well as some favorite classic games. The rules of the game are simple to follow so this game is great for both beginners and the more experienced aficionados. Even though you’re enjoying the game from the comfort of your own home, you can still have a real-life casino experience if you join a live game. There’s something for everyone when you register at and we can guarantee hours of fun with plenty of variations to choose from. Playing for real money means the chance to win some big payouts too. The PowerPlay sportsbook adds even more variety to the gaming experience if you’d like to try your hand at online sports betting. Here, you can place your wager on a choice of the top international sports events including football, baseball, soccer, ice hockey, basketball and tennis. Sign up today for a chance to win big at

As previously mentioned, the basic rules for playing online blackjack for real money are pretty simple to follow. And if you need a quick refresher course you can always click on the support tab at for further assistance. Basically, each player is dealt two cards face up and the dealer keeps one card face down until the end. To ask for another card the player says ‘hit’ and the goal is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. When you play online blackjack for real money in Canada you have the advantage of more variations of blackjack games at the PowerPlay casino as the internet is not limited for space. You also have a better return to player odds across all games, due to the competitive nature of online gaming. is a secure site registered in many countries around the world, so when you’re playing for real money you can rest assured your financial transactions and payouts will be protected. This also applies when you place your bet at our online sportsbook, any time of the day or night.

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While the basic game of blackjack remains the same across all casinos globally, the rise of internet based gaming has meant that small variations have been developed to add to the variety and fun of playing this classic game. Playing online blackjack at the PowerPlay casino means that you’ll always find something new to try and you’ll be guaranteed an exciting casino experience with hours of fun ahead. Check out all the titles in our online casino, where you’ll find some new variations coming online from time to time. You’ll never be bored when you sign up at

Register at to play online blackjack in Canada for real money and you’ll find some great offers and special bonuses waiting for you. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus of 100% of your first deposit matched up to $1,500 to give you that little extra to play with when you sign up. And there’s more, with second and third deposit bonuses, a VIP casino bonus and the Refer a Friend program, all giving you a better chance at scoring some big wins. A good tip when playing is to know when to stand and when to hit. For example stand when your hand adds up to between 12 and 16 and the dealer only has a card value of between 2 and 6. But take another card (hit) when the dealer has between 7 and Ace. And don’t forget to split your hand when you get Aces and 8s. When you bet in our online sportsbook you can either place your bet live or in-game, or decide ahead of time what your wager will be based on the best odds on offer. All these exciting opportunities are waiting for you when you sign up today!


When you decide to play online blackjack at the PowerPlay casino, or bet in our online sportsbook, you can look forward to some exciting rewards and tons of fun, all from the convenience of your own home and at a time that suits you. Whether you’re playing on a mobile device or a PC, PowerPlay offers you a chance to get away for a few hours of fun and entertainment with the possibility of some great payouts thrown in to enhance the overall experience. It’s time to reward yourself a little by signing up at today.


PowerPlay offer a live online casino where players can play slots, Jackpot slots and table games such as BlackJack and Roulette. Players can play l ive with dealers or sit at one of 100's of tables available 24/7. Register now