NHL playoffs explained

The NHL Playoffs are here and there is plenty of excitement with the best hockey players in the world suiting up and taking the ice. This season has been different than in years past as it was just a 56-game schedule that began in January and is actually still going on for the Canadian teams due to a COVID-19 outbreak that halted operations for three weeks. If you are coming here as a way to have the NHL playoffs explained, you’re in the right spot. We will explain how the NHL playoffs work and how these teams got here in the first place. There are four different divisions in hockey and the top four teams from each division make it to the playoffs, creating a 16-team format. It is a ton of fun to watch the first through the last rounds. And you can even bet on individual games, props, and series by visiting PowerPlay.com and getting the best NHL Playoff odds. The NHL playoffs go one for a very long time because there are a lot of different ronds, very comparable to the NHL. But have no fear, we will explain how all of this works and how to make the best bets based on how these series play out.

Match analysis

The 1-seed in each division will play the four-seed in each division and the two and three-seeds will play each other in a best of seven-game series during the opening round. Then the winners of those two series will play each other and each division will have their overall winner. That means that the East, West, Central, and North will all have one representative from their division move onto the semi-final. The divisions are each in their own conference. In the Eastern conference are the Central Division and East Division. In the Western Conference, there is the North and West Division. So the top team from the East will play the top team in the Central, and the top team in the West will play the top team in the North. For example, the Tampa Bay Lightning may play the Carolina Hurricanes in the semis. And the Las Vegas Knights may play the Dallas Stars in the semis. The winner of those two series would then go on to compete for the Stanley Cup. This is how the NHL Playoffs work.

Odds & picks

Once the series goes to the Stanley Cup, it is just the best two teams from the Eastern and Western Conference playing. This is when the playoffs are coming to an end, but the Stanley Cup Final is truly one of the best events in all of sports. The best-of-seven series is always exciting and fun and there is a lot of emotion that these players play with. Now, something to remember, especially when betting with Powerplay.com is to understand home-ice advantage. These series go 2-2-1-1-1. That means that the better team gets two games at home, then two games on the road, one at home, one on the road, and one final one at home if the series has to go seven games. Because it is a best-of-seven series, the first team to win four games is the winner in each and every one of the playoffs.


Hopefully this helped explain the NHL Playoffs which are on now and you can already start watching. It really is one of the most fun playoff sports to watch and that makes it even more fun to bet on too. For the best NHL playoff betting odds and NHL betting lines, there is no better place than Powerplay.com to come and figure it all out. Our experts can break down everything you need and give you the best explanations so even the most novice of bettors can feel like pros when they are putting their bets to the test.


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