NHL Odds to Win Stanley Cup 2021

NHL Stanley Cup odds and betting can undoubtedly be challenging to get the hang of when you are new to following the sport. If you are wanting to get in on the action and take advantage of NHL odds to win Stanley Cup 2021, this guide will teach you the basics of NHL playoff betting and get you prepared to begin betting on your own. First, you will want to take a look at the divisional standings. The divisions look different this season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic compared to previous seasons. The division leaders were: Toronto Maple Leafs (North), Pittsburgh Penguins (East), Carolina Hurricanes (Central), and Colorado Avalanche (West). Then, you will want to take a look at which team will likely go up against these current leaders for the divisional title and take note of the difference between the top two teams of each division. In the North Division, the Leafs were ahead of the second-place Edmonton Oilers by five points. In the East Division, the Penguins and Washington Capitals had the same number of points, but the Penguins had one more win under their belts than the Capitals. A similar standings showdown also played out in the West Division, where the leader Avalanche clinch the top spot with one win separating them from the Vegas Golden Knights. The Florida Panthers are trailing the Hurricanes by one point in the Central Division. Tampa Bay Lightning — who won the title last year — are also contenders in the Central Division. As you can see, these close margins between the top teams of each division will be critical to determine NHL leaders as divisional championship play gets underway and therefore impact the NHL odds to win Stanley Cup 2021. You will also want to pay attention to injuries as the playoffs progress, as the absence of key players can have a significant impact on the team. The Leafs lost captain John Tavares in the first game of their opening-round series against the Montreal Canadiens after he was knocked over by one Canadien and kneed in the face by another Canadien. Although Tavares had to be carried off on a stretcher and has since been cleared of any major injuries, he will still miss the remainder of the playoff season. The Leafs are now leading the series 2-1 at the time of writing but will definitely be trying to fill the offensive and leadership hole left by Tavares’ absence. The Avalanche currently has five players on injury reserve, which is significantly more than any other NHL team. The playoff season tends to see more aggressive play compared to the regular season, which increases the potential for injuries to occur. The most popular ways to take advantage of NHL Stanley Cup odds are the money line, over/under bets, and puck line bets. Money line bets are straightforward as you are only betting on the winner of a particular match. This is the easy way to place bets, and therefore a very popular option, especially among those who are just starting out in NHL betting. An over/under bet is when you bet on whether the combined score in a specific match will be over or under the number assembled by a sportsbook’s team of analysts. Puck line bets, which are equivalent to the spread bets or handicap bets offered in other sports, are odds that allow you to bet on both teams in a given game and evens out the difference between them. This means the team less likely to win gets an added advantage to bet on them, and the favourite to win is diminished in order to even out the betting difference that initially separated the two teams.

Match analysis

There are a few things you need to know about the odds available to you before betting on any of the NHL Stanley Cup odds. The first NHL Stanley Cup odds available is the end result of any game within a given series. As always, the lower number indicates the more likely outcome. If, for example, the Leafs have 1.50 odds of winning a match over the Montreal Canadiens while the Canadiens have 2.50 odds of winning the same game, the Leafs are the more likely victor. There is the option to bet on the NHL Stanley Cup odds of the outright winner. As mentioned earlier, the Avalanche is currently favourited to win with odds of 3.50. You can also bet on who will win the prestigious Conn Smythe Trophy, which goes to the individual deemed the most valuable player in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Current favourites to take home this award are Nathan MacKinnon (Avalanche), Nikita Kucherov (Lightning), Auston Matthews (Leafs), and Marc-Andre Fleury (Golden Knights). The recipient of this award in recent seasons has gone to the top player of the NHL Stanley Cup winner’s roster, which is critical to keep in mind when betting on the Conn Smythe winner.

Odds & picks

At the time of writing, the top NHL teams most likely to make it to the Stanley Cup semi-finals were the Avalanche, Leafs, Boston Bruins, and Golden Knights. The Avalanche went 39-13-4 over their 56 games to pick up 82 points in the regular season. This feat allowed them to finish atop the West Division standings. The Avalanche are favoured to win the cup with 3.50 odds. Not far behind the Avalanche are the Golden Knights, who also picked up 82 points in the same number of games. You can get odds of 6.50 for the Golden Knights winning it all. The Leafs were top contenders in the North Division all season, accumulating 77 points with a 35-14-7 record to finish in first. The next highest North Division team, the Edmonton Oilers, have already been eliminated from playoffs by the Winnipeg Jets, so the Jets will likely be the Leafs’ next toughest competition. The Leafs also have 6.50 NHL odds to win Stanley Cup 2021. The Bruins finished the regular season third in the East Division with 73 points, but have already advanced to the next round in the playoffs after clinching their series against the Capitals 4-1. The Bruins are the second favourite to win the cup, and you can get odds of 5.50 on them winning. Reigning champion Tampa Bay Lightning could also be a contender in this year’s playoff picture. They are the fifth favourite to win at odds of 8.00. The Lightning went 36-17-3 in the regular season to finish third in the Central Division with 75 points. They are currently in a challenging first-round series against their rival Florida Panthers. The Lightning recently took a tough 4-1 loss, but still lead the series 3-2. The outcomes of the next two games will determine if the Lightning will advance to the next round or if the Panthers will take their place.


The easiest aspect of Stanley Cup 2021 betting will be to bet on the victor of a particular game. It is the most straightforward option because there are only two options to choose between. As mentioned earlier in this betting guide, the team with a lower number assigned as its odd is the team more likely to win the match, while the team with the higher number is less likely to win. The number displayed is the amount your initial bet will be multiplied by in the event that the outcome you bet on happens. So, if you bet on a team winning at 1.50 odds, you will get back one and a half times your initial bet. Although upsets are possible, it is risky to bet on a team less likely to win a particular game. There is potential for big winnings on an outcome unlikely to happen, but these should be approached with caution. The best betting odds are available far ahead of the game date. As someone new to betting on NHL games, you may feel more cautious and want to place your bet closer to puck drop based on the teams’ most recent games and up-to-date player information. This does grant a little more certainty to the betting experience. However, as you become more comfortable betting on NHL games, you may wish to start placing your bets increasingly further ahead of the game date in order to get the best value for your money. If there is a specific team you are rooting for, it is crucial to adopt a neutral perspective to look at their chances of winning it all. Loyalty for a particular franchise is wonderful but putting a ton of money on your favourite team when it’s a low seed and lagged behind during the regular season is not likely to give you great returns on your initial bet on NHL Stanley Cup odds.


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