NHL Betting Guide & Advice

Hockey is one of the most fun sports to bet on and the NHL provides plenty of action that makes it one of the most exciting leagues. There are a ton of different ways and things to bet on in the NHL and Powerplay.com wants to give you the inside secrets and give you an NHL betting guide. We are offering NHL betting advice so you can enjoy watching the games and also win some money at the same time. Powerplay.com has experts and analysts who have been around betting for years and now we are giving you our own strategies.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our NHL betting guide and make sure that the next time you bet on hockey, you win big.

Different Ways to Bet

First things first. We have to break down the different things that you can bet on in hockey because some of their terms differ from other leagues. Although the premise is practically the same for most of these bets, different rules means different ways you have to win. Let’s break them down.

Puck Line - The puck line is the same thing as a spread in basketball or football. The puck line shows the odds for a team winning or losing combined with points given to a certain team. All puck lines are based on a 1.5 goal spread. If the Lightning are a -1.5 puck line favorite against the Sabres, the Lightning must win the game by two goals to win. This means that a team with a puck line must win the game before it heads into overtime where they can win by just one goa.

Money Line - This is no different than any other sport, but the money line is the most popular way to be in the NHL. You will see teams with odds at -250 as a favorite or +150 as an underdog. You are basically just picking a team to win this game straight up.

Total - The total in the NHL is no different with other sports with one exception. Sometimes, a sportsbook will say that the total has to be hit before the game goes to a shootout. This means if the total is 5 and the game goes into an overtime with the score tied 2-2, the bet will not push if the game goes into a shootout after the overtime period.

Grand Salami - This is a kind of wager not always seen in other sports. The grand salami is an over-under number posted on the total goals scored in all the games for a particular day.

Best Advice

Check the Lineups: This is really important in hockey because it's not uncommon for a team to rest their starting goalie in the middle of the week or give guys some time off. If the Bruins have the top record in the league but are sitting their goalie, you’ll want to know that before putting a bet on Boston.

Always get the best odds

With so many different games on any given night in the NHL, you might have 10 or 15 bets that you can place. You want to make sure you don’t get ripped off. That is why you should check Powerplay.com to make sure that you are getting the top odds on whatever bet you might place. Check the Totals: A good way to make some money in the NHL is by looking at which teams have the best and worst goalies and defenses. If a team has an excellent goalie and defense, you can expect them to go UNDER in many games. The opposite is true for a bad goalie and defense.

How to Read NHL Betting Odds

The NHL is one of the top leagues to bet on and Powerplay.com is providing you with an NHL betting guide that will help you win some serious cash so you can put some money in your wallet. Our NHL betting advice comes from our betting experts who have years of experience in the industry.

When a novice bettor starts to look at different odds and different bets, it can be somewhat overwhelming. We totally understand that all the different numbers and the symbols can be really confusing and we want to help you out. We are going to teach you how to read different betting odds so that you feel more comfortable.

Let’s talk about the puck line. This is basically the spread in hockey betting and it is based on a line of 1.5 goals. The first thing to identify is which team is the favorite to win and which team is the underdog. This is listed by a positive or negative puck line. You would think positive means favorite but it is the opposite. If a team has a negative sign, you know they are the favorite. So if the Lightning are -1.5 favorites, they must win the game and win by at least 1.5 goals. If the Panthers are 1.5 underdogs, they can win straight up or just have to lose by 1.5 goals or less to win the bet.

Next to the puck line will be the actual odds for the bet. That means The Panthers are 1.5 underdogs and the odds are -110. This means a $110 bet would net you $100. If it was +110, that means a $100 would net you $110. You don’t have to bet $100 but it is based on that number.

Top NHL Teams

The NHL is filled with the most talented hockey players in the world. Players from all different countries make it their dream to play in the NHL. Despite most teams being located inside the United States, most players in the league are from Canada. The US is number two in country of origin, followed by Sweden, Russia, and Finland. This makes for the top talent pools going to different teams which is very fun to watch.

Each year, there are different top teams in the NHL but we want to give you a list of some of the top teams year after year in this NHL betting guide. This is a good reference to see who you might target in a bet because they are consistently a good team that you can rely on. You can usually tell this information based on which teams always make the playoffs, have winning records, and have the top players.

In the last five years, the top teams in the NHL have been the Washington Capitals, Dallas Star, St. Louis Blues, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Nashville Predators, and Anaheim Ducks.

These teams are consistently in the playoffs and have winning records that help them dominate their divisions and stay towards the top. Since 2015, the teams who have won the Stanley Cup are the Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins in back-to-back years, St. Louis Blues, Washington Capitals, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

It is important to notice that there are young and interesting players that come into the league all the time and when they come to a franchise, they can truly change everything. Connor McDavid has put the Edmonton Oilers back on the map and that has happened to other teams as well.

NHL Scoring Explained

Just like Soccer Betting, when it comes to scoring in the NHL, it is pretty basic, until you get to a shootout and then it certainly gets a little confusing but it is pretty basic outside of that. Because Powerplay.com is providing you with an NHL Betting Guide and Advice column we want to make sure that you fully understand the rules and the scoring in hockey and the NHL. We will also explain what the scoring standings mean because those are a bit different.

When it comes to scoring in the NHL, it really is simple. In order to score a goal which counts for a single point for the scoring team, the offense must take the puck and get it past the goalie and into the net. There is a red line that the goalie sits on that serves as the point that must be broken by the puck in order for the team to score. There are no-multi point scoring opportunities. In the NFL, a field goal and a touchdown all count for different amounts of points but that is not the case in the NFL. Everything counts for the same amount in the NHL.

If a game goes into overtime, the first team to score wins. It is considered a sudden death overtime period. If no team scores at the end of overtime, the game will go into a shootout. This is when one skater gets the puck and faces off against the opposing goalie in a one-on-one scoring opportunity. Each team is given three skaters to see who can score more goals. If it is tied at the end of three skaters, it becomes a sudden death for who can score and who can’t first. In the standings, a win is awarded two points, overtime is awarded at least 1 point and a loss is no points.

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