March Madness Final Betting Odds

5th April 2021

The March Madness NCAA championship game goes down on Monday, April 5, 2021 with tip-off happening at 9:00 p.m. ET. The NCAA confirmed at the start of January the entire March Madness tournament will take place in Indiana, with most of the games being played in Indianapolis. This centralized championship location is due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the precautions being taken by the league to keep players, coaches, and team and organizational staff as safe as possible. March Madness 2021 hasn’t failed to provide fans with a thrilling tournament they’ve come to expect. So far there have been many notable upsets, including Illinois (No. 1 seed), Iowa (No. 2 seed), Ohio State (No. 2 seed) and Alabama (No. 2 seed) all being taken down by lower-seeded teams. This was especially true in the Midwest Regional, where Illinois is the only No.1 team to be eliminated from the tournament so far, with other regional leaders Michigan, Gonzaga, and Baylor all still in the tournament. Houston and Baylor have already punched their ticket to the Final Four, while Michigan and Gonzaga still have their Regional Final matches ahead of them. No. 12 seed Oregon state made it all the way to the Elite Eight, while No. 11 Syracuse made it to the Sweet 16 and knocked No. 6 San Diego State and No. 3 Virginia out of the picture.

How to bet on March Madness

Following Selection Sunday, the top-4 seeded teams were the Illinois Fighting Illini, Michigan Wolverines, Baylor Bears, and Gonzaga Bulldogs. Since Illinois was eliminated in the second round by Loyola-Chicago, No. 2 seed in the Midwest Regional Houston became the most likely to win the Regional Final. Houston did just that, taking down No.12 seed Oregon State 67-61. Baylor remained the top team in the South Regional when they took down No. 3 seed Arkansas 81-72 in the Regional Final. Michigan has also ruled over their East Regional opponents and won all their games by huge margins, most recently picking up a big Sweet 16 round win over No. 4 seed Florida State 76-58. Michigan will take on No. 11 seed UCLA in the Elite Eight on Tuesday, March 30 at 9:57 p.m. ET, and are in good position to win the region and advance to the Final Four. Gonzaga has continued to be a powerhouse in the West Regional, recently crushing No. 5 Creighton 83-65 to advance to the regional final. Gonzaga will also battle for the regional title March 30, with tip-off against No. 6 USC going down at 7:15 p.m. ET.

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March Madness final betting odds are available on PowerPlay. For the Michigan vs. UCLA match, you can get odds of 1.30 for Michigan and 3.40 for UCLA. Gonzaga vs. USC offers odds of 1.20 on Gonzaga and 4.33 on USC. Odds for the winner of the first Final Four match between Houston and Baylor are already available at 2.70 and 1.44 respectively. You can also bet on the tournament winner. Gonzaga is predicted to win the tournament at odds of 2.30. You can also get odds of 3.00 on Baylor, Houston at 6.50, and Michigan at 7.50.

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The results of the Michigan vs. UCLA and Gonzaga vs. USC matches will determine who will be in the March Madness 2021 Final Four. Though it will likely be Michigan and Gonzaga who will advance to the final, UCLA and USC have beaten many higher-seeded teams in order to advance as far as they have in this tournament and cannot be counted out just yet. The NCAA championship game will conclude the NCAA basketball season.


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