How to Bet on MMA

Betting on MMA fights can be overwhelming if you’re new to betting. Terms like parlay, moneyline, and prop bet are everywhere and most betting sites don’t offer any explanations as to what any of these mean or how to use them. Betting on an individual sport such as MMA can be a little more challenging compared to betting on a team. One player on a team having a bad night can be overshadowed by the rest of the team doing well, but one MMA fighter having a bad night doesn’t have anyone else who can pick up their slack. If you’ve come to this guide, it’s likely because you’re wondering, “How do you bet on MMA fights?” You’ve come to the right place, because this guide will walk you through how to bet on MMA fights online.

Variations of Game

One of the easiest aspects to bet on in MMA is the match winner. PowerPlay will give you the odds, which are displayed as a multiplier. If the multiplier is low, like a 1.5, it means you’ll get your bet times one and a half if you are right. It’s safe, but you won’t win big on it. Higher multipliers will mean you will be more likely to win big if you’re right. However, it also means it’s less likely to happen, so there is more of a risk with those odds. Another easy aspect to bet on with MMA fights is the winning method. There are three ways to win an MMA fight: by knockout, by submission, or by judge decision. The winning method does not require you to bet on who will win the fight, just how the fight will be won. If both fighters are powerful strikers, bet on a knockout win. Or, if both fighters are known for their stamina and have proven on multiple occasions they can last the full three or five rounds, a judge decision bet is a good bet to make. A winning method bet is a good bet for novice MMA betters to make when the fighters have similar styles and ways of winning fights.

Odds & pics

Odds and picks for any MMA match-up will become available a week before the event starts. If you want to bet on another aspect of the fight while it’s happening, you will be able to do so through the live T.V. betting feature

About betting with PowerPlay offers MMA betting lines pre-game and live. These include the outright betting market and winning margin. Bet on MMA on every one of the bouts throughout the season at Alternate lines are popular for Canadian sportsbooks and PowerPlay is no different. MMA free bets are available, bet $50 and get $10 FREE on every MMA fight.To this day, MMA betting is still one of the most popular forms of online sport betting, with an easy to navigate and secure platform which allows you to choose your odds and picks even once the match has started. So get ready to experience the excitement of betting on the MMA and get your UFC 260 predictions with PowerPlay.


MMA betting may seem daunting at first, but over time it will become easier as you become more familiar with the fighters and the betting process. Since you’ve read this MMA betting guide, you have taken the first step in preparing to make bets on MMA fighting online.

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