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What is March Madness?

March Madness is the popular name given to the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, which is an annual single-elimination college basketball tournament held each spring in the United States. The tournament features a massive 68 teams competing in seven rounds for the national championship.

March Madness is one of the most watched and anticipated sporting events in the United States, with fans filling out brackets, following their favorite teams, and tuning in to watch the action-packed games. The tournament is known for its excitement, upsets, and the high-stakes nature of the games, which often come down to the final seconds. Don’t miss out on this exciting sporting event!


March Madness is due to start on Tuesday 14th of March, going on right through to April 3rd. There are a total of 6 rounds in March Madness. This means that a team must win a total of 7 consecutive games to be crowed the winner of the tournament outright.

March Madness usually begins with the “first four”. This features the four teams amongst the lower seeds, along with the four most minor teams in order to form a mini-tournament before the real action kicks off. After this comes the “round of 64”, and this is what marks the start of the main event. Teams performances in the regular NCAA season contribute towards where they are placed in each bracket, and from here a normal tournament structure follows. The winner of each game advances into the next round of the March Madness tournament, and this goes on until the champion is crowned at the end.


Get ready basketball fans. March Madness is due to start on Tuesday 14th of March, going on right through to April 3rd. The first four games of the tournament will be played in Dayton Ohio, with the final four games due to be held in Houston, Texas.

In terms of other locations, there are a wide range of cities playing host to first and second round matches, including Alabama, New York, North Carolina & Louisville.

“Selection Sunday” which is due to take place on March 12th, is the big day when it comes to finding out the full schedule of March Madness 2023. That’s the day when the teams which will go on to compete in the tournament will be revealed, as well as each teams opponent and location of the match. Selection Sunday is a big day in the March Madness schedule, and gives both fans & betting fans a good indication of who’s favourite going into the tournament.

If you want to follow March Madness’s Selection Sunday procedure, you can do so depending on your region. Many broadcasters choose to broadcast this exciting event. For the men’s NCAA bracket & field, the selection show will be broadcast at 6pm ET on CBS, with the women’s field & NCAA bracket being broadcast at 8pm ET on ESPN.

Fans will also be able to keep up to date with all things Selection Sunday on their local and foreign news channels, allowing them to be in the know when it comes to the dates and fixtures of each match. Once the selection Sunday process is finished, it’s time for the action to kick off on March 14th, running right through to April 3rd.

Here is the full March Madness schedule round by round:

• First Four: March 14-15 (Tournament Begins)

• First round: March 16-17

• Second round: March 18-19

• Sweet 16: March 23-24

• Elite Eight: March 25-26

• Final Four: April 1

• NCAA championship game: April 3


With so many games and so many different TV networks involved, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the March Madness broadcast schedule. That's why PowerPlay is your one-stop-shop for all the TV broadcast information you need.

Similarly to previous March Madness tournaments, the tournament will be broadcast across four main channels. These include TNT, TBS, CBS & TruTV.

Aside from these 4 TV channels, there are also some streaming options available to you. As with all big sporting events, there are many streaming options available for viewers who may not have direct access to any of these 4 channels.

Streaming services for March Madness include YouTube TV, Hulu, Paramount Plus, Sling TV, & Fubo TV.


Which NCAA team is favourite to win March Madness 2023? Ever since Kelvin Sampson became the head coach, the Houston Cougars have been talked as the favourites to take March Madness glory. Although the cougars don’t have the best numbers in terms of previous victories, Sampson’s take over as head coach has seen them become one of the best teams in the last five seasons.

Another team which is a strong favourite are the Kansas Jayhawks. Currently the second favourites to win March Madness 2023, the Jayhawks are definitely a team to watch. Could they take March Madness success, and become the first back-to-back champions since Florida State University back in 2006 & 2007? Only time will tell. Other teams to watch within the tournament include the Tennessee Volunteers, UCLA Bruins, Purdue Boilermakers, and Crimson Tide.

March Madness 2023 Betting Odds

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