Ethereum Poker

Most online poker players have always used traditional currencies with which to conduct their transactions. But there are an increasing number now turning to Ethereum poker, where they are able to use this fast growing cryptocurrency to play online poker. However, not many online casinos offer this payment option despite its growing popularity. One exception for players looking for Ethereum poker in Canada is the PowerPlay casino. If you already trade in or you’re thinking of investing in Ethereum then you can easily use it at PowerPlay where transactional savings can be made and privacy and security are assured. These advantages, together with the speed of transactions using Ethereum over fiat currencies, allow players to focus more closely on their game without fear of their personal details being breached. In addition to poker, the PowerPlay casino offers an impressive array of classic casino games as well as top international sporting events to bet on. PowerPlay is waiting to welcome you whenever you feel like taking a break and visiting an online casino, any time of the day or night. Get Ethereum poker at the PowerPlay casino or bet in our online sportsbook when you sign up today at

Variations of Game

Since its inception in 2015, Ethereum has become one of the most popular altcoins to be legally traded. Playing Ethereum poker online is a perfect fit for this blockchain technology as many players have already recognized. While it is not as widely accepted by online betting sites as might be expected, PowerPlay is one of the top online casinos that does accept this peer-to-peer electronic payment system. offers online casino and sports betting players the options of using both Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies for transactional purposes in a safe and secure way. Not only does PowerPlay cater for all types of payment options they also offer fans a wide range of poker and other classic casino games to chose from, making it Canada’s favorite online casino and sports betting platform. Casino games include live variations of poker, baccarat and blackjack as well as more than 300 slots, with new games coming on stream all the time from some of the top designers. There’s really no need to look any further when you’re looking for Ethereum poker in Canada or anywhere else that PowerPlay is registered around the world. Join our many regular players who appreciate the advantages that come from paying and playing using Ethereum.

Basic Rules

In Ethereum poker the ether is the currency. While it’s technologically superior in many ways, playing with ether does not change the way the game is played or the rules of the game. Depending on which poker game you choose, you can either make it a quick game that can be played on the go (video poker) or you’ll need to set aside some time to see the game through and stand the best chance of winning as many hands as possible (live poker). Playing live online poker can require fast decisions and an ability to counter some aggressive moves but there’ll always be new players coming online to balance out the more professional players. Video poker straddles the divide between table poker and slots, as it requires more than just luck to get the best out of the game while not being as intimidating as sitting at a table with other players. When you’re playing video poker online you’re playing alone against the machine as opposed to other players. Video poker has the same rules as Five Card Draw poker and offers some of the best odds in the casino. Playing Ethereum poker at the PowerPlay casino means that the only thing that changes is the means of transacting.

About betting with PowerPlay

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency to be adopted as an alternative to fiat money, after the introduction of Bitcoin. Since then, trading in cryptocurrency has taken off around the world and the betting industry has proved to be a perfect fit for this blockchain technology. The main differences between using traditional currencies and Ethereum is the speed in which you can transact with the latter, the anonymity which comes with using it and the security this privacy brings. You can convert your winnings to fiat currency immediately, thus eliminating any risks associated with holding cryptocurrencies long term.

Welcome Bonus with PowerPlay

As soon as you’ve opened an Ethereum wallet you can get started playing Ethereum poker. The wallet, which exists as a record on a blockchain, gives you a place to store and transact with the ether. It’s basically software from which you can transact with your poker site, check your balance and make withdrawals. Although the popularity of Ethereum cryptocurrency has been on the rise, not all online casinos have been quick to offer this option to their players in Canada. One of the sites at the forefront of this exciting technology is the PowerPlay casino where customers are given the option of using Ethereum safely and responsibly while also being offered extra bonuses on top of those already guaranteed by this cryptocurrency. When you play Ethereum poker at the PowerPlay casino or bet in our online sportsbook you get all the advantages of welcome bonuses, special offers and extra savings on nil commissions to third party financial institutions. If you’re thinking of joining the millions of people around the world already enjoying the advantages of using cryptocurrencies then sign up at today and start playing Ethereum poker or bet at our sportsbook on your favorite sporting event.

Live Casino

At PowerPlay the focus is on you, the player. When you sign up to play Ethereum poker in Canada, or from other countries where we are registered, you’ll find a range of poker games and sporting events to choose from. We offer the most innovative and secure payment options, giving you peace of mind to enjoy hours of entertainment from the comfort of your own home, or on the go. PowerPlay is fully compatible with smart mobile devices and desktops and we’re open 24/7 any time of the day or night.


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