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With the rise in popularity and demand for crypto currencies, service providers are increasingly offering this transaction option to their customers. If you enjoy online gaming and you’re looking for the best Bitcoin casino in Canada, turn to the PowerPlay casino where you’ll be able to use this facility with ease. offers the best in casino games, with a wide choice of classic and new table games and an impressive selection of slots to play. When paying with Bitcoin there’s no intermediary banking institution or government to worry about and all transactions remain private and secure. Transaction costs are negligible too, giving you more to play with. There are more savings to be had at the PowerPlay casino with our generous welcome bonus and other special offers, including our exclusive offers every Tuesday. The PowerPlay casino is open 24/7 and you can access it in a moment from the comfort of your own home. Many of the casino games are live, which means you’re playing with a real dealer and interacting with other players, just like you would at a traditional land-based casino. Next time you feel like some online entertainment visit the PowerPlay Bitcoin casino or bet in our online sportsbook. offers players the opportunity to use Bitcoin to conduct their transactions, among a wide range of other payment options. This is good news for those players who are already using this crypto currency as they understand the advantages of a payment system which allows them total control over how they spend their money. In this age of internet gaming it’s easy to use a crypto currency and PowerPlay makes it easier with Cryptopay, an online Bitcoin Wallet. Other payment options include Interac, MuchBetter, Visa, Mastercard, ecoPayz, Neteller and Skill. The wide array of games on offer at the PowerPlay casino means there’s something for everyone, from those trying out online gaming for the first time to more experienced players who love the thrill of chasing after the big jackpot prizes. You’ll find many variations of all the classic casino games, including blackjack, slots, roulette, poker and baccarat. The PowerPlay sportsbook adds even more variety to the gaming experience if you’d like to try your hand at online sports betting. Here, you can place a wager on your favorite top international sports event including football, baseball, soccer, ice hockey, basketball and tennis. Sign up today for a chance to win big at

Playing online casino games follows the same basic rules as playing at a brick and mortar casino with some extra variations to add to the fun. The payment rules however are internet-based and much more varied, including the option to pay by Bitcoin. This is where the PowerPlay Bitcoin Casino comes into its own, offering players this crypto currency option by way of Crytopay. While this is not the only payment choice on offer at it serves the growing demand for transactions by Bitcoin in Canada and across the world where PowerPlay is played. Web-based casinos can use the flexibility of the internet to continually innovate when it comes to new variations of games and new ways of solving transaction problems including fraud. Using Bitcoin allows a player to solve any security and exchange rate issues and to save money by cutting out the middle man. But before you start using Bitcoin for your online gaming activities be sure to understand the risks and rules to playing with this digital currency. This includes understanding the volatility of the currency’s value, as well as making sure you choose a legitimate online gaming site that will protect you against possible scams.

About betting with PowerPlay

There’s no doubt that using Bitcoin for online gaming works differently to using traditional currencies. But like all forms of casino and sports betting it’s important to be responsible and bet within your means. The PowerPlay Bitcoin casino gives you the option of using this crypto currency safely and responsibly while also guaranteeing you an exciting casino experience with hours of immersive fun. You’ll find new variations of games coming online all the time so there’s no chance of being bored when you sign up at the best Bitcoin casino in Canada or bet in our online sportsbook.

As soon as you sign up to the PowerPlay Bitcoin casino you’ll be able to take advantage of the generous welcome bonus and other special offers at the best Bitcoin casino in Canada. You’ll get a faster service using the PowerPlay crypto currency payment option as well as the security of knowing that your personal information is not accessible to anyone. PowerPlay realized that Bitcoin is a natural fit for their online betting platform and has fully embraced this digital currency option in response to the growing demand worldwide. So why not claim your welcome bonus of 100% of your first deposit matched up to $1,500 and add to the cost savings you’ve already made by choosing to use Bitcoin as your preferred currency? There are further advantages to playing at the PowerPlay Bitcoin casino, with second and third deposit bonuses, a VIP casino bonus and special offers available on Tuesdays. The same applies when you bet in our online sportsbook on any of the top international sporting events covering football, hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf and more. With all the bonuses and transactional savings you get at it means you have extra in your budget to enjoy your gaming experience.


Play at the PowerPlay Bitcoin casino, or bet in our online sportsbook for some exciting rewards and plenty of fun. You’ll be making savings galore, on top of the convenience of playing in the safety and comfort of your own home. There are no extra expenses or travel time to worry about and you can start playing at any time that suits you. All games are fully compatible with smart mobile devices or desktops and are guaranteed to offer you hours of entertainment, with the chance of some great payouts to enhance the overall experience. It’s time to sign up to the best Bitcoin casino in Canada!


PowerPlay offer a live online casino where players can play slots, Jackpot slots and table games such as BlackJack and Roulette. Players can play l ive with dealers or sit at one of 100's of tables available 24/7. Register now