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Players from Canada have a great choice of online Blackjack games available at Play online solo, or why not play blackjack with a live dealer? What's more, PowerPlay makes it easy to sign up and get started from the comfort of your own home. You will find a wide selection of betting options to choose from at this top online gaming platform. This all-time classic game might have simple rules but there are still plenty of opportunities for some great high-end payouts, allowing you to play for real money Select the Blackjack game that appeals to you and be one of the many Canadian players who are enjoying the fun and rewards at

Variations of game

Canadian players who love playing online Blackjack and are looking for a great experience need look no further than All the best Blackjack games are available, including Vegas, Classic, European and Atlantic City Gold Series games as well as High-Lo Blackjack, Vegas Downtown and more. Enjoy our video blackjack, and join a live casino game where you get to see other players actually sitting at the table and you will quickly be able to join in the excitement of a land-based casino. Or select your game of choice and play any time, 24/7. PowerPlay is a safe and secure site to visit and payouts are fast and easy. Play in our online blackjack casino today.

Basic rules / Experience in an online or land based casino of picking table and playing

Blackjack is mostly a game of chance although developing a strategy can also help you win your hand. For example, knowing when to split the hand can increase the odds of winning in your favor. The basic rules are easy to learn, with the goal of the game being to beat the dealer's hand. A Blackjack table typically features between one and five players, although a single player can also play and bet on as many positions as are available. At, players from Canada are making their choice of which game and table to join from a variety of exciting options.

Differences between variations offers multiple variations between the different online Blackjack games. Canadian players are having the most fun, either joining a real-time live casino game and interacting with a live dealer or signing in to a game in virtual play at a time any time of the day or night.

Tips on how to play, getting a bonus and how to use it. e.g. offer a 100% deposit bonus so you get double the amount deposited.

Looking for some online action at the Blackjack table? If you're playing from Canada then has some exciting games on offer and some great betting options available. Get the 100% deposit bonus and double the amount you have to play with. As with all Blackjack games, bets can be split or multiple hands can be played if it's a live casino game. The rules of Blackjack (also known as Vingt e Un or 21) are simple to follow. Luck and a little bit of strategy are all part of the fun once you sign in and get started.


PowerPlay offer a live online casino where players can play slots, Jackpot slots and table games such as BlackJack and Roulette. Players can play live with dealers or sit at one of 100s of tables available 24/7. Register now


PowerPlay offer a live online casino where players can play slots, Jackpot slots and table games such as BlackJack and Roulette. Players can play l ive with dealers or sit at one of 100's of tables available 24/7. Register now